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Categories & Keywords & Tags

In all my blogs, and they are legion, if you will note my ‘Categories,’ they are very much unlike yours or those of  others. First of all, they’re too many; second, they’re too specific; third, many or most of them are not found in exact wordings in the texts of blogs they refer to. In other words, I do not distinguish between ‘categories’ and ‘keywords’ and ‘tags.’

That is because I like to thinker (think + tinker) with knowledge bits (ideas & information) in electronic databases, short of programming. I have been thinkering with the idea of an iBank which is searchable by anyone with or without prior knowledge on the subject, using any combination of words that range in sense from the broadest to the narrowest, from technical to popular language. This is an idea I’ve had for the last 25 years, even before the Internet was ever heard of in these parts.


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